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Looking for the ideal comfort climate is a challenging venture. The room climate, which wears the body in the slightest, prevents the diseases and creates the atmosphere of the general, good mood is always desired, but rarely accomplished. The classical methods of temperature adjustment such as heaters or fans it is possible only to come close to fulfilment of such complex demands - the results are too selective and inaccurate.

German ELTEC Geoclima GmbH from Berlin has a clear and ambitious goal: To find flexible and environment friendly solutions, which will create a pleasant and healthy climate wherever it is necessary. As a trusted partner and designer the ELTEC Geoclima provides innovative technological products, which have already brought the revolution on the market of the heating and cooling systems. The customers have the chance to find their own comfort climate and never have to lose it.

A better life quality as a model

Large areas of the heat exchangers work in a more flexible and efficient way than a conventional heating system. Thanks to thin and light construction the capillary system is installed more shallow than the comparable alternatives with application of large diameter tubes. The requested supply temperature is relevantly low with28°C. Thanks to that the capillary mats provide excellent, effective heat output.

The rooted model of the ELTEC Geoclima is to improve the customer life quality, the capillary system becomes a good tool for this goal. Without any draught and noise rooms of any size are flooded with comfortable heat radiation. By a relatively small difference of temperatures of the water running through the tubes, the air is not heated. Instead of this, walls, floors and ceilings radiate heat to the room even and without convection (heat flow) to some degree. Thanks to that draughts and air humidity have no influence on the wind chill temperature. Two factors that are equally important for the ideal climate.

Quality makes trust

The philosophy, health and good mood of the inhabitants, employees or guests is the high priority undoubtedly, which will increase attractiveness of each building and business. The increased output at the work place, more satisfaction at ones own home: The advantages of the capillary system are visible for all.

The quality made in Germany promises trouble free operation and operation requesting small investment expenses. The capillary mats keep the requested comfort temperature each day, at any time - fully automatically. Invisible, quiet and also very efficient: The ELTEC Geoclima with its products and partners takes improvement of the life quality in its hands.